Alycia Baumgardner: "Women Can Do It All"

June 08, 2023

Athlete Studio

Alycia Baumgardner, who has become a boxing sensation, continues to showcase her remarkable ability to conquer the obstacles that female athletes often encounter, by her latest resounding victory on Saturday, coinciding with the onset of her menstrual cycle.

During her post-fight address to DAZN, she proudly declared, "So that should tell you that us women can do it all"

This experience is one that many female athletes must navigate during crucial moments in their careers. Renowned skier Mikaela Shiffrin candidly shared how her period affected her performance at a pivotal moment. After securing her latest World Cup title, she candidly informed reporters that it was an "unfortunate time in my monthly cycle"

Taking to Twitter shortly thereafter, she elaborated on the many ways menstruation can adversely impact an athlete's performance. Alongside heightened stress, fatigue, soreness, and injury susceptibility, Shiffrin highlighted disrupted sleep patterns, compromised spatial awareness, and impaired balance as additional challenges in a separate social media post.

Baumgardner, an outstanding knockout artist in women's boxing, first captured global attention in 2021 with a stunning fourth-round victory over Terri Harper.

Since her early career setback in 2018 against Christina Linardatou, Baumgardner has remained undefeated and is set to face Linardatou once again on July 15, 2023. Baumgardner's most recent win has taken her to an impressive 14 wins, seven knockouts and just the one loss against Linardatou. Looking ahead to the highly anticipated re-match on July 15th, Baumgardner is looking to put to rest any question of her superiority over other fighters.

Prepared to participate in some of the most monumental clashes in women's boxing, Baumgardner eagerly welcomes challenges from esteemed figures like Katie Taylor and Mikaela Mayer.

Despite encountering significant hurdles and obstacles along her journey, Baumgardner has consistently proven her unwavering presence and immense potential to become a champion in her weight class.

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