Alycia Baumgardner Dominates in Win Over Linardatou

July 16, 2023

Athlete Studio

The undisputed junior lightweight champion, Alycia Baumgardner, showcased her skills and determination in a homecoming bout that ended with a resounding victory over Christina Linardatou. Baumgardner avenged her only career defeat with a dominant ten-round, unanimous decision win in the DAZN main event on Saturday evening.

Judges Katealia Chambers (99-91), Fred Fluty (98-92), and Rose Gross (98-92) all scored in favor of Baumgardner, showcasing her complete control over the fight. The event took place in the historic Masonic Temple in Detroit, Michigan, adding an extra layer of significance to Baumgardner's triumphant return to her hometown.

In an interview with DAZN's Claudia Trejos, Baumgardner expressed her satisfaction with the outcome, stating, "I would give it an A. I can close this chapter." This victory allowed her to put the past behind her and move forward with confidence.

Throughout the buildup to the fight, Baumgardner emphasized that she had evolved as a fighter since her first encounter with Linardatou five years ago. In their previous meeting in July 2018, Linardatou secured a victory via an eight-round split decision, marking the only blemish on Baumgardner's record. However, the defending champion made it clear that this time would be different.

Baumgardner's improved skill level was evident from the opening bell. Linardatou, a confident Dominican fighter based in Athens, Greece, entered the ring with the belief that she would repeat her previous success. However, Baumgardner quickly shattered her opponent's confidence with precise jabs and powerful punches. Linardatou struggled to mount any offense, while Baumgardner controlled the pace of the fight.

Although little action occurred in the second round, Linardatou used this opportunity to find her rhythm and increase her activity. Baumgardner's initial burst of energy slowed, allowing Linardatou to take the lead temporarily. However, Baumgardner regained her momentum in the fourth round, landing significant blows that put Linardatou on the defensive.

In round five, Baumgardner faced a momentary challenge when she was caught with a left hand from Linardatou. Undeterred, she responded by switching to a southpaw stance and retaliated with a powerful uppercut. Throughout the fight, Baumgardner displayed her versatility and adaptability in the ring.

The sixth round showcased Baumgardner's dominance as she landed three consecutive uppercuts, leaving Linardatou searching for answers. With dazzling footwork and precise hooks, Baumgardner continued to dictate the pace of the fight.

In round eight, Baumgardner appeared close to securing a stoppage victory as she unleashed a series of devastating punches. However, Linardatou displayed incredible resilience and refused to go down. Despite her bravery, Linardatou's offensive output suffered as Baumgardner consistently pinned her against the ropes.

As the realization of her impending defeat set in, Linardatou unleashed a flurry of punches in the final round. However, Baumgardner expertly defended herself and countered effectively. Sensing victory, Baumgardner hunted down her opponent, leaving no doubt about the outcome of the fight.

Christina Linardatou's bid to become a two-division titlist fell short as she succumbed to Baumgardner's superior skills. This loss marked Linardatou's first since her defeat to undisputed lightweight queen Katie Taylor in November 2019. Linardatou's first WBO title reign came to an end, and although she regained the vacant belt later, she was forced to vacate it due to pregnancy.

With this victory, Alycia Baumgardner improved her record to 15-1 (7KOs) and extended her winning streak to nine fights since her close defeat to Linardatou. As the undisputed junior lightweight champion, Baumgardner has successfully defended her title four times, solidifying her dominance in the division.

Alycia Baumgardner's redemption story reached its climax with a commanding victory over Christina Linardatou. Baumgardner's improved skills, relentless determination, and unwavering focus allowed her to avenge her only career defeat and establish herself as the undisputed junior lightweight champion.

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